hdu 4031 Attack 线段树

题目链接 Attack Time Limit: 5000/3000 MS (Java/Others) Memory Limit: 65768/65768 K (Java/Others) Total Submission(s): 2330 Accepted Submission(s): 695 Problem Description Today is the 10th Annual of "September 11 attacks", the Al Qaeda is about to a

Index poisoning attack 分析

Way: 用来破坏p2p网络,这里针对P2p botnets: 1 产生bots搜索key的hash 2 产生随机的id,不关联任何文件 3 发布,key=hash, value=random id 4 此时,如果谁请求这个key,将会路由到随机ID,但由于此ID是随机的,不存在的.因此恶意代码是不会被下载的. 5 第二种方法:选择一个副本id,使用fake entries填充,这样恶意ids将会被re-route到合法ids 两片文章参考: 1 the index poisoning atta

iOS leak: Masque Attack

http://www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_26907457/apple-mobile-devices-vulnerable-app-attack-fireeye-says MILPITAS -- Apple mobile devices can leak users' information through an attack using apps distributed outside the company's App Store, a prominent

TCP Split Handshake Attack

http://lenky.info/2012/09/01/tcp-split-handshake-attack/ TCP Split Handshake Attack,翻译过来为TCP分离握手攻击,虽然有"分离"两字,但这并不是指"TCP四次挥手"过程,而仍然是指在TCP三次握手过程中的漏洞攻击. 我们知道,根据RFC 793中的描述,TCP三次握手过程可以描述为: 如果在第二步中,Server将SYN-ACK分离成两个数据包发送,那么TCP三次握手过程可以描述为四

preventing cross-site request forgery attack

http://www.asp.net/web-api/overview/security/preventing-cross-site-request-forgery-(csrf)-attacks Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is an attack where a malicious site sends a request to a vulnerable site where the user is currently logged in Here is

GitHub Security Update: Reused password attack

From https://github.com/blog/2190-github-security-update-reused-password-attack By shawndavenport What happened? On Tuesday evening PST, we became aware of unauthorized attempts to access a large number of GitHub.com accounts. This appears to be the

Res Timing Attack -- 利用客户端js脚本 探测客户端主机某文件是否存在

Res Timing Attack -- 利用客户端js脚本 探测客户端主机某文件是否存在 2009-05-27 23:32 一个很有趣的应用.试想当用户浏览网页时,我们就可以利用js判断他安装了什么杀毒软件,有点意思,呵呵.从网上看到了一个PoC,过几天自己修改修改,整合利用一下. 客户端js脚本利用res协议对系统存在的文件和不存在的文件加载时间的差异来估算文件是否存在. ------------------------------------------------------------

Testing Web Applications Part 3: The Attack!

Testing Web Applications Part 3: The Attack! In "Testing Web Applications Part 2: Preparing for Battle!" I suggested some ways to plan testing a web application. For this last article in my three-part series on web testing, I will address the ac

SSH2 “MITM” like attack with JMITM2

First: the following attack is not a real (at least not a perfect) man-in-the-middle attack, since the target will get a warning about the altered SSH server footprint and the attacker needs to "hijack" the communication between the target and t


KERNEL POOL LISTENTRY OVERWRITE ATTACK LIST_ENTRY OVERWRITE 原理图 测试代码: Sys: VOID Nopagepool_ListEntry_Overwrite(ULONGcbin,ULONG cout,UCHAR * InputBuffer) { PVOIDpatdbuffer=NULL,patebuffer=NULL; KdPrint(("Nopagepool_ListEntry_Overwrite:cbin:%d cout:%dn

Talk About Iran Attack Seems Very Overheated

Talk About Iran Attack Seems Very Overheated An article in The Atlantic reports that Iran may be nearing the "point of no return" in its pursuit of an atomic bomb. Therefore, says author Jeffrey Goldberg, there is a "better thanHair replace

[置顶] CSAPP 3e Attack lab

总结一下CSAPP第三版的各个lab. 这里介绍的是Attack lab,主要考察code-injection.return-oriented-programming攻击的理解,和gdb,objdump的简单使用. 首先登陆网站http://csapp.cs.cmu.edu/3e/labs.html.Windows下点击Self-Study Handout获取压缩包.我的工作环境是ubuntu,64位操作系统,使用wget指令直接下载.(chrome点击F12选取元素获取下载地址)tar解压.

Cisco Router Attack Technique

Cisco Attack来自于自身IOS提供了web远程管理路由(Cisco rom 11.0开始引入).这样对于管理员无疑是非常的方便,同时也给router attack带来了可能性. 先普及一下Cisco一些下面会用到的知识,学过路由的可以忽略 连接路由器从超级终端登录以后这个是用户模式" > "这个符号是用户模式的象征,配置有口令的连接后要输入登录口令才能进入用户模式 进一步获得更多权限的是特权模式" # ",须在在用户模式中输入enable进入.有口令

Injection Attack

Injection Attacks The OWASP Top 10 lists Injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) as the most common security risks to web applications. Indeed, they go hand in hand because XSS attacks are contingent on a successful Injection attack. While this is t

attack vector 的定义

- An attack vector is a path or means by which a hacker (or cracker ) can gain access to a computer or network server in order to deliver a payload or malicious outcome. Attack vectors enable hackers to exploit system vulnerabilities, including the h