IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture, Version 6.3.1 Fix Pack 3



To convert multibyte character sets

  1. Click Configuration > Subscriptions.
  2. Select the subscription.
  3. Click the Table Mappings view and select the table mapping.
  4. Right-click and select Edit Mapping Details.
  5. Click the Translation tab.
  6. Select the source column that supports a multibyte character set encoding. This enables the Encoding Conversion area.
  7. Select the character encoding of the data stored in your source column from the Source list.

    For example, if your data is stored in Chinese characters, then you can select from either Traditional or Simplified encodings.
  8. Select the character encoding to which you want to convert from the Target list.

    For example, you may be replicating your data to an organization that stores their data in the Unicode version of Chinese characters.
  9. Click Apply.

When you start replication on the subscription, InfoSphere CDC converts the character encoding in the source column to the encoding you specified and populates the mapped target column with data in the new encoding

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